Thursday, October 20, 2011

Killing The Fun In Games

Absolute Gamer

TV, Console, Controller in Hand and Couch.... Aah:)
This is the perfect gaming scene. The absolute height of fun whilst playing your favorite games.
The definition of being "In The Zone"

Gamer Chicks

But over the last few years the gaming industry has been taking away this perfect scenario.It has developed what I like to call 'Interactive Games' - Games that literally make you work to achieve game objectives. THis leads me ton ask - What is the purpose of Killing The Fun? The purpose of this buzzkill?

Playstation Move Controller in action...

For "Health Benefits', games are slowly but surely being turned into exercise tools. Making you sweat more than you would in a school trackfield. And this trend started quite a while back but never really caught on back then. These were the days of the Playstation 2 and the EyeToy. Somehow though, this health and fitness trend is transforming the gaming world into something I personally don't like.

With the introduction of the Xbox Kinect and the Playstation Move the industry seems to be going healthy. And games specifically dedicated to exercise like Get Fit with Mel B, its like adding insult to injury on my plight. Games were never meant to be work and this should stop!.

Yes exercise is good for you, but there has to be a differentiation between entertainment and physical fitness. I strongly believe that this business of health games should stop.

It really gets interesting when parents say kids don't go outside. Why go outside when you can exercise in your own living room? These 'Interactive Games' are depriving kids the right to play outside, feel the breeze on your face, ride a bike...

All that loss for an unnecessary section of the gaming industry. A section that is truly Killing The Fun.
So I say, "Let games be games, and outdoor activity remain outdoors..."


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