Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mortal Kombat 9 - The Not So Good (Mini Review)

Battle against Shao Khan with the help of the Thundergod - Raiden, Protector of EarthRealm. This is and always has been the basis for the best-selling fighting game - Mortal Kombat.
Logo used for MK9

I fell in love with the title a long time ago, the sega days to be exact, and have stuck with it ever since. From that period the game has undergone a various number of changes. From graphics improvements, differences in gameplay, introduction of new bosses, just to mention a few. And it was coming to HD...

The classic Mortal Kombat battle - Scorpion vs Sub-Zero

The real deal-breaker although, came when Midway - now NetherRealm Studios announced that the masters of brutality would be coming to High Definition. Now this surely promised to be great! With the anticipation of the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 releases of the game, this would be the best Mortal Kombat in a while.

And to increase to all this awesomeness, NetherRealm announced the debut of an iconic Playstation character, the God of War - Kratos. Who would be only available on the Playstion 3 version. Now with all this to offer, it seemed that this game would be Flawless !

But nothing is perfect, and neither is this game. Yes it boasts a truck load of great qualities. I have to admit NetherRealm made a few mistakes with this one. But first let's look at the good:

Unlike the previous installment. Mortal Kombat Armageddon, this one does not have an insane number of characters. Yes, characters are good in any fighting game but I think they were just overdoing it in Armageddon. Also fatalities, different ones for each character, were brought back(Not the dumb Kreate-A-Fatality which starts out nice but gets redundant after a while) and the introduction of an X-Ray attack system. 

The 2.5D graphics enlisted in this game are fantastic! Never have I seen such graphic resolution in a fighting game - Here NetherRealm Studios have truly set the standard. There is also a never been seen before movement throughout the Krypt and the return of some enjoyable mini-game modes i,e, Test Your Might. These are just some of the improvements of Mortal Kombat 9.

However, I find that there is a limited amount of fun you can have with this game if you lack an internet connection. What I mean is play the game long enough offline and even the X-Ray attacks will get boring.
Bringing back the original gameplay mechanisms from the initial Mortal Kombats was a great idea, but if you lack the ability to mix it up, your chances of winning are somewhat slim.

Raiden  - MK9

Also another thing I have found with most fighting games, not just this one, is the developers after a while just decide to remove certain moves from a game. And usually its the ones that we've all grown to love that are taken out. This is also a flaw within this one, however I will not mention them.

Some of the characters within MK0 seem to have gone stiff. This takes away the whole fun of using the character especially if you were well-versed in that character's usage in a previous version. The story mode is also lacking somewhat in depth, I would have expected more from it. 

Overall this game is actually excellent., Awesome for a fanatic such as myself and not that hard to grasp for a beginner. A true trend setter for future fighting games. An astounding piece of merchandise by the boys at NetherRealm.

In conclusion, I give a hand to Mr. Ed Boon and his team. Gentlemen, you have truly outdone yourselves this time. Fatality really does live on...


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