Saturday, October 22, 2011

Split/Second: Velocity - Quicker Than A Second

Ignition... Increase Rev Count... Go!

Fast cars, insane drifting and power plays. Welcome tot he high speed racing world of Split/Second: Velocity.
This racing game is a change from the basic racing scene and boasts some new features, giving you a different type of racing experience.

A racing game with no nitrous, no cops and no car customization(pimping). Sounds pretty boring to any 'Speed Freak'. But surprisingly, they did it right. Not only is it a great racing game, but it rivals some other popular racing titles.

Its very hard to find a racing game with these limitations and be this good. and yet the boys at Havok and Black Rock got t right. This thrilling, fast-paced racer will surely get some adrenaline pumping. With the possibility of an explosion at every turn, you'll never truly relax.

This game is solely based on screwing your opponents over. From powerplays to changeable tracks, you seriously have to be on your toes when playing this one. The key to the carnage in Split/Second is manipulation of the track itself. Drift, draft, jump and dodge and you'll earn powerplays - the chance to trigger a pyrotechnic moment.

 In many ways, Split/Second: Velocity is a fantastic example of how good racers can look and a fabulous demonstration of innovation.Nothing, and I mean nothing remains constant in a race. One second you're leading the pack, next thing you know...Boom!'ve been downgraded to 8th place.

The sheer area-effect devastation of your average powerplay means that there isn't so much impetus on being the fastest driver when you can sit back, drop bombs on the frontrunners and then drive around their smouldering corpses.
Although, I can't see the reason why they deprived it of nitrous. Its perfect for it and that would make things even more memorable. Just imagine getting blown up whilst using nitrous, that would have been interesting. And to think with all that destruction its supposed to be a TV show

I enjoyed Split/Second: Velocity immensely. It looks fantastic, contains some brilliant gameplay modes and frequently provided me with awesome, adrenaline-filled moments that had me sucking through my teeth as I narrowly avoided the outlandish destructiveness of a toppling power station or a missile-launching helicopter gunship. Split/Second is a racing game in the same way that Top Gear is a show about reviewing cars; why get bogged down with the boring technicalities and the restrictive realism that appeal to car nerds when you can opt for fire, brimstone and the accessibility that comes with crowd-pleasing exhibitionism?

If you take that as a criticism, then you'd best get back to adjusting the downforce and tyre pressure settings in Forza 3 or getting a copy of Gran Turismo 5. If it sounded to you like a compliment, then welcome to Split/Second: Velocity. Strap yourself in - you're going to have a blast...

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