Friday, April 19, 2013

EWGF - Electirc Wind God Fist

Kazuya performing an EWGF on Ryu in SFxT

The EWGF is a code name given to a move in the Tekken series and one of the best launchers in the game. Ii is also known as the Uppercut with Lightning not to be confused with the Lightning Screw Uppercut...

In the command list it is refered to as the Rising Uppercut. You achieve the EWGF by inputting the 2 input on the same frame as the down-forward input. Refer to the Tekken Zaibatsu Legend for what this means. The complete EWGF input is: f, n, d, d/f+2...

The EWGF is a Just Frame meaning that your input of d/f+2 has to be precise. You can't just mash it out, it won't work...

The Mishimas

Only Mishimas are capable of performing the EWGF. By Mishimas I mean Heihachi Mishima, Kazuya Mishima, Devil Jin and very recently Angel in Tag 2

In high level play an EWGF is called an electric because lightning surrounds the Mishima you are using when you perform it.

If you play a Mishima here is a thread on Tekken Zaibatsu on the EWGF: EWGF Sticky created by MCP of Tekken Zaibatsu..


TheMainMan being a Mishima player compiled a couple of EWGF tutorials on his YouTube channel. 

This is the old tutorial: 

The Newer Tutorial:

In the words of Kazuya when he performs the EWGF, DORYAH!

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