Saturday, April 20, 2013

Red HUD Umbrella Corporation - Windows 7 Theme Customization (LINK UPDATED)

My laptop running the Umbrella System
This post is for the Resident Evil fans mainly.  I will show you how to customize your Windows 7 to look like an Umbrella Corporation system.This is ONLY for Windows 7. Let us begin...

NB: You must be one of my Technomancers to achieve Umbrella.

What will take up most of your time with this custom is the configuration of Rainmeter. So I do urge you to to pay close attention and configure your Rainmeter correctly. Trust me, your hard work will pay off when your Red Queen lives...

In order to get the full effect of Umbrella you will need the following:

  • Dreamscene Activator
  • Full Glass
  • HUD RED Theme
  • Rainmeter
  • Start Button
  • Umbrella Screensaver
  • Universal Theme Patcher
  • Windows 7 Logon Background Changer
  • Windows 7 Aero Blur Tweaker
  • Windows Boot Updater

Step 1: Download all of the above items within a RAR file. Here is the link. Complete Umbrella System Set UPDATED 05/07/2017

Step 2: Unpack the files.

Step 3: Watch the video below and PAY ATTENTION to MrBOSSLUIS!.

I found this particular custom on MrBOSSLUIS's YouTube channel Here is the video:

This video is quite long so it is divided into parts as follows:

  1. Installing Theme Patch  00:05 - 03:34
  2. Applying The Theme  03:46 - 06:48
  3. Changing The Start Button  06:49 - 08:31
  4. Windows 7 Boot Updater  08:32 - 11:50
  5. Logon Background Changer  11:51 - 13:53
  6. How To Use Rainmeter (Install & Configure Jarvis Display System Red)  13:54 - 30:16
  7. Final Full Glass Effect. Hide Blur Effect. Dreamscene  30:17 - 35:40

A different desktop configuration of Umbrella

Thank you MrBOSSLUIS. Activate the Red Queen! Can you make Umbrella live?

Your VB Kid


  1. i know this is like an ancient post, but can u maybe reupload the package to a different site and let me know, really crave this setup, i had my own, but then i got a new HDD

    1. New or old, I'll always come back to help...

      TRY THIS:

      If you have any problems, you can send me a message here:

      And I'll try and email it to you...

      The Code Lives...

  2. did you renew the download link ?

    1. Did this not work?

      This is from my Mediafire. If it doesn't work you can email me and I'll send it to you there.

  3. file download link does not work

  4. For those having problems with the download link, I've updated it.

    Try This one

  5. Thanks for this bautiful stuff..i was looking for this package for a long time... everyone who made thic

  6. Missing Dreamscene Activator,
    Full Glass and the Windows 7 Aero Blur Tweaker.... For some reason they are no longer within the RAR file. But the theme is worming great. Would just really like the "full extreme effect". Please advise. Thanks SW

    1. I will try and upload them as singular items. I will update you when I have done that.

      Thank you for coming to my blog :D