Friday, April 26, 2013

You Don't Always Have To Spend A Lot

I have noticed a trend with this generation of relationship seekers; Money will always get you want you need...

It might get you what you want, yes. But half the time, what you want is not what you need. The problem with having money as your key is that if you take this route, the chances of finding someone real are quite slim.

What happened to the days of old when you truly knew the one long for, and liked them quirks and all? I am saddened by the scene I see everyday, the falseness that is slowly but surely taking over the generation of this age. sigh. Take me back to the days of old cause I can't take this any more!

Make them love you for you, not for what you have. Because you might not always have what you have now, what made them love you. Ask yourself, will they stay if you lose all you have? Will they still love you for you?

Many might, and probably will disagree with me on this issue. The main reason being that our generation has been corrupted with the Love of Money, and this becomes a great hindrance to those who are unfortunate to not be blessed with tonnes of money.

Recently, I proved my fact when I had a date with this girl, who I will keep anonymous, and I didn't spend more than $20. How did I do this you might ask? Well, with my initial interactions with the girl, I avoided the common mistake that most guys make. I never used money as a means to attract her...

When you use money as an attraction method, you create a totally wrong and fake image of yourself towards your target. Yes, I know most girls in this era are just money hungry gold diggers and won't give you a second look unless you fork out some prime DeNiro. But the main reason is because you would have made yourself out to be a money blowing walking bank account.

But I say, don't be impatient and in a hurry to meet that special someone. Rome was not built in a day and you can never find someone true if you rush into it. Take your time, get to know them and your patience will pay off when you find that special one who connects with you on an emotional level.

So I say in conclusion, Money is not the key. Patience is. Take your time find the right one for you...

Your VB Kid

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