Saturday, March 15, 2014

No one Likes Links

This past week I've been conducting a little study to see what type of Blog Posts readers are more interested in. And I do believe I have an answer.

Redirecting Around  The World

So during the course of this week, I made a varied repertoire of posts to test my theory. 

I started with videos, because someone had said to me that internet users prefer videos. This is something I had speculations over, because videos are only enjoyable to you if your internet can buffer them quickly. And not everyone on the planet has the same bandwidth to view videos flawlessly.

Secondly, I posted links of articles from my WordPress Blog. These, I believe got the worst review. This I believe is because like me, no one likes being redirected. And the moment you are redirected you tend to close the tab out of fear of another redirect.

Then I posted thought out articles, with much detail and insightful information. These types of posts, I found got the best type of review. People preferred to read these posts and not the ones with links or videos. With proper articles, I got the result that was expecting. Something that I myself concur with.

I hate redirecting links and I am particularly picky about my videos.

So my conclusion:
Post videos sparingly & no redirecting links at all. You don't like those.

Your VB Kid

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