Tuesday, April 29, 2014

PS4 down to £314 and Xbox one even further to £309

TECHRADAR DEALS The retailer wars continue as prices head down towards £300

Mega price drops for both consoles, but only for a limited time.

Tesco has put the pressure on the PlayStation 4's price once again: if you're looking to get in on the next-gen action, you could  pick one up for just £314.10.

This is the cheapest we've seen so far and it includes a two year guarantee and free delivery to your local Tesco for you to collect. Just enter voucher code TDX-KMNT at checkout and you'll save 10% on your order.

Meanwhile, Dabs.com has the Xbox One for an eye popping £309! This was a very limited offer that's likely sold out.

With Tesco and Dabs dropping prices this far we're on the lookout for other retailers to follow suit. Amazon, Asda, Argos…who'll be next? Our eyes are peeled.

Source: TechRadar

Your VB Kid

Friday, April 25, 2014

The UK will be the first to break even with fusion power, leading us towards a future of clean, infinite energy

The power is... FUSION!

nif target chamber

The world’s best fusion reactor, situated in the heart of the merry, Hobbit-inspiring motherland of Oxfordshire in England, will soon attempt to become the first fusion power experiment to surpass the mythical “break-even” point. This experiment, known as the Joint European Torus (JET), has held the world record for fusion reactor efficiency since 1997 despite the USA’s recent laser-based fusion experiments at the National Ignition Facility. If JET can reach break-even point, there’s a very good chance that the massive ITER reactor currently being built in France will be able to obtain the holy grail of everlasting green power generation: self-sustaining fusion.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Leia aims to bring interactive Star Wars holographic displays to your phone

Yes! Yes! YES!!! This is what I like to see...

Princess Leia hologram
Now that the Dick Tracy wristwatch is nearing reality, is it time for holographic Star Wars-style messaging to make its début? HP Labs spinout Leia believes it is. Using a clever system of diffraction gratings, its small displays produce 64 different versions of each image, allowing a viewer to move around an object or person shown on the display as if it was right in the room with them. CEO David Fattal spoke to an eager crowd of imaging researchers at Stanford University about his company’s progress since it separated from HP.

Monday, April 21, 2014

PlayStation Now compatible TVs revealed, launch games leaked

Leaks? What is with these companies and leaks?


It’s been a few months since Sony’s game streaming service, PlayStation Now, was announced at CES 2014 and suddenly sparked very strong opinions — on all sides of the spectrum — regarding game streaming.

Friday, April 18, 2014

PS4 sales pass 7 million units, while Xbox One licks its wounds and plans a comeback

This was kinda obvious...

PS4 Rhombox-

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is continuing to break sales records, passing 7 million units sold as of April 6. Console sales are so vigorous, in fact, that Sony says it’s still struggling to keep up with demand. Software sales are also very strong, no doubt helped by rave reviews for Infamous Second Son, with 20.5 million games sold as of April 13. Meanwhile, in the Xbox One camp, Microsoft has remained ominously silent, failing to release sales figures since the end of 2013. Presumably, Microsoft was waiting to see if the release of Titanfall would give the Xbox One a healthy bump in sales, perhaps putting it back on a level footing with the PS4. Now, however, more than a month after Titanfall’s release, we have to wonder why Microsoft is still mute on the matter. Are Xbox One sales truly that embarrassing? And if so, can we expect a dramatic price drop or the release of an Xbox One bundle without Kinect?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

BitTorrent Sync for NAS boxes lets you roll your own private, secure Dropbox

I don't know. I really do not know...

BitTorrent has become essentially synonymous with illegal file sharing, but it’s merely a protocol that can be used for good or evil. BitTorrent Sync uses the BitTorrent protocol to increase privacy and make sharing files easier, which I think can easily be classified as “good.” Now BitTorrent Sync is getting more useful with the addition of NAS support. Netgear is the first company to announce an official BitTorrent Sync app, but BitTorrent says that’s just the start.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Nvidia’s questionable GeForce 337.50 driver, or why you shouldn’t trust manufacturer-provided numbers

Sneaky little...

Nvidia released the GeForce 337.50 beta drivers to much fanfare. Nvidia itself said that the drivers could improve single GPU performance by up to 64%, and SLI configurations by up to 71%. When the Nvidia-provided benchmarks then failed to provide evidence of these massive performance boosts, ExtremeTech was a little sceptical. Then, when they looked closer and saw that Nvidia’s numbers specifically targeted on Battlefield 4 and Thief — two games that AMD has been pushing as the vanguard of Mantle support — they started to wonder if Nvidia was up to something slightly more sinister than simple number massaging.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Intrepid biohacker gives himself infrared night vision, but at what price?

Those are not the one's I would choose though...

According to the World War II-era nautical lore, the Navy wanted sailors that could see IR signals. To this end volunteers were fed a diet that was missing the form of vitamin A normally used to make photopigments for our visual system. They were instead given supplements of an alternate form of the vitamin that gave sensitivity into the IR spectrum. While invention of the sniperscope brought these dubious experiments to a premature close, a group of biohackers has been inspired to pick up right where the early transhumanist pioneers left off.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Samsung’s graphene breakthrough could finally put the wonder material into real-world devices

The graphene cometh...

Samsung, which until now has been very quiet on the graphene front, appears to have discovered the holy grail of commercial graphene production: A new technique that can grow high-quality single-crystal graphene on silicon wafers — graphene that is suitable for the production of graphene field-effect transistors (GFETs) — and afterward, once the graphene has been peeled off, the silicon wafers can even be reused! Samsung is dressing this up as a breakthrough for flexible, wearable computers — which is fair enough, given the company’s recent focus on curved smartphones and watches.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Developer claims PS4 will always be stronger than the Xbox One

Sony shall remain beast?

Last week, Xbox Achievements posted an interview with Oddworld creator Lorne Lanning in which the developer seemed to claim that the performance gap between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 would narrow and eventually vanish. Now, new reports cast doubt on that claim — according to Just Add Water CEO Stewart Gilray, Lanning was misunderstood. That performance gap between the two platforms that has characterized many titles to date? It’s not going anywhere.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Unreal Engine 4 now supports Linux and SteamOS: Is this the year of desktop Linux?

Could Linux really take over?

Unreal has announced that Unreal Engine 4.1, due to be released in the next couple of weeks, will fully support SteamOS and Linux. Developers can take their games — whether they’re indie or triple-AAA titles — flip a switch, and voila: The game is packaged and ready to run on SteamOS and Linux. Suffice it to say, this could be a huge step towards making Linux a viable platform for gaming. Could 2014 finally be the year of desktop Linux (YODL)?

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Microsoft’s Cortana hands on: The best of Google Now and Siri combined

Cortana Lives!!!!!!!

Microsoft has been active in speech recognition research for decades, so it isn’t surprising that it has introduced a voice-based personal digital assistant — only that it took them so long to do so! Named Cortana, the application is a hybrid of local and cloud functionality that will be built into Windows Phone 8.1. David Cardinal had a chance to try it out this week at Microsoft’s Build 2014 conference. For the most part he was quite impressed, although the code’s beta designation is certainly still appropriate.

Monday, April 07, 2014

Elon Musk Turns To Medium And GIFs To Reveal New Model S Fire Safety Feature

GIF is the way...

Is the company blog dead? Instead of posting on the Tesla blog, Elon Musk announced a significant new Model S feature on the personal blogging site Medium.

AwesomenessTV Buys YouTube Network Big Frame For $15 Million

AwesomenessTV announced earlier that it acquired multichannel network Big Frame in a $15 million deal that further consolidates the number of companies built around creating video content for YouTube.

Big Frame is a network that focuses primarily on verticals, including beauty, fashion, fitness and music. Over time, it’s amassed more than 300 channels of content, 39 million subscribers on YouTube, and 3.4 billion views. Together the companies have 80 million subscribers and close to a billion views a month.

AwesomenessTV itself was acquired by Dreamworks Animation less than a year ago.

The deal follows the big acquisition of Maker Studios by Disney last month, as well as the recent naming of Machinima’s new CEO.

Source: TechCrunch

Your VB Kid

Friday, April 04, 2014

Meet The Reversible USB Cable, Coming This Summer


Before Apple’s Lightning cable, I never even dreamed of a life where input/output cables could be reversible. Now, however, it’s hard to go back to standard and micro USB, because I got so lazy. Soon enough, however, USB is getting a new reversible standard called “Type-C” which is around the size of microUSB, and which replaces USB 3 cables entirely, on both sides.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Microsoft Updates IE11 With Enterprise Mode On Desktop, Reading And Data-Saving Modes On Mobile

Imma Upgrade Ya, lol...

As part of its Windows 8.1 Update, Microsoft today also announced an update to its Internet Explorer 11 browser. While the changes on the desktop are mostly about enterprise users, the F12 developer tools and bringing the interface up to par with the overall Windows update, this is the first time IE11 comes to mobile.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Humans will be kept between life and death in the first suspended animation trials

Freeze me! Freeze me!

Alien stasis - Suspended Animation Chamber

At a hospital in Pittsburgh, surgeons are now allowed to place patients into a state of suspended animation. If a patient arrives with a traumatic injury, and attempts to restart their heart have failed — if they’re on the doorstep of death — they will have their blood replaced with a cold saline solution, which stops almost all cellular activity. At this point, the patient is clinically dead — but if the doctors can fix the injury within a few hours, they can be returned to life from suspended animation by replacing the saline with blood.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

OLED finally triumphant: The Galaxy S5 has the best smartphone display on the market

They've finally done it...

Samsung Galaxy S5
It’s been just over a year since Tim Cook blasted OLED technology as inferior to LCD tech. At the time, he had a point — independent research and testing by Dr. Ray Soneira of DisplayMate had demonstrated that while OLED tech had improved tremendously over the past three years, LCD technology still had an edge in terms of power consumption, color accuracy, and display brightness. Today, that changes — after extensive evaluation, Dr. Soneira has awarded the Samsung Galaxy S5 the title of best overall smartphone display.