Friday, January 09, 2015

BBM is coming to Android Wear

About as far from a BlackBerry as you can get

Android Wear is getting fruity

Android Wear is only as useful as the apps that support it, and it's about to have a new high profile addition in the form of BBM.

The new Android Wear features include the ability to read messages from your wrist and see who they're from, flip between messages and accept invites from other BBM users. You can also pick from a list of predefined messages to send a response from your wrist or use your voice to dictate a custom response.

So you can keep your phone in your pocket and read or even respond to messages when your hands are full. It's not been confirmed exactly when BBM for Android Wear will be arriving, but in an official blog post BlackBerry claims it's coming soon.

Oh and if you're a BBM user but not sold on Android Wear then don't worry, because apparently this is just the company's first step in supporting cross-platform wearable technology. BBM on the Apple Watch anyone?

Source: TechRadar

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