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Boxed copies of Windows 10 contain a USB flash drive

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The free upgrade to Windows 10 can’t come soon enough for those of us left frustrated by the desktop-unfriendly interface of Windows 8. Hopefully Windows 10 fixes all the issues and gives us a much more Windows 7-like experience. But the next version of Windows has another welcome change that Microsoft hasn’t talked too much about: if you purchase a boxed copy of the operating system it won’t require an optical drive for installation anymore.

Microsoft is clearly reacting to the fact that more of us are opting to choose portable hardware in 2015, and many of the laptops sold today do not include a DVD drive. In fact, even if you’re building your own PC an optical drive isn’t always an option, especially in Mini-ITX systems with their limited space.

So, instead of a DVD, Microsoft has decided to ship Windows 10 on a bootable USB flash drive. This has been confirmed by listings for Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro on Amazon. You’ll just need to ensure your PC is set to boot from USB, insert the USB stick into a free port, and reboot your machine for the install to start.

I have yet to see what the Windows 10 flash drive looks like (the image above is my artist’s impression). I expect it to be of a high quality as Microsoft has to allow for multiple uses and provide something as resilient as a DVD is. However, it could just be a micro USB stick, like the ones Verbatim offer:

Whatever it ends up being, a flash drive is certainly more universal than a DVD is today.

Source: GEEK

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